The Bamboo Curtain

posted 2014 Jun by Rudolf Helder

Bamboo curtains can be plain/natural, color stained, or painted with a picture, such as a scene or a flower. As our assortment of bamboo curtain styles is perhaps the most extensive on the internet it should be easy to find something that matches your furniture or decor.

A fast and simple way to add an exotic look or tropical feel to a room is to hang one or more natural bamboo curtains on a wall, or in a window, or as a room partition. Bamboo curtains add warmth and an organic richness to practically any decor. As these curtains are made of vertical strands of bamboo beads they emit an airy, open feeling that is perfect for porches, decks, doorways, and windows. The decoration possibilities of bamboo beaded curtainsare endless and allow for creativity without much risk as the cost and ease of installation are in your favor, perhaps one of the major reasons they are exploding in popularity.

In spite of their low cost and versatility, bamboo curtains are quite durable and can be used indoors and outdoors, with the caveat that if you do hang them outside to make sure you take them inside in the winter months as freezing weather may lead to cracked beads. With a small amount of care they will serve you for many years.

If you are ecology minded (and who isn't these days?) it's good to know that bamboo grows extremely quickly and is therefore labeled as a renewable resource, which makes it doubly affordable. Despite their low prices, bamboo curtains do not look cheap and can make a room feel inviting and stylish and are sure to be a conversation piece when you have company.

Hawaii's Golden Years of Sea and Air Travel

posted 2014 Feb by Rudolf Helder

Nostalgic Hawaiian prints and posters from the golden years of travel when curiosity for the Hawaiian paradise had been piqued by promotional materials, illustrated by artists who often had never visited Hawaii. Hence, a whole industry arose around the romantic and often ridiculous notions of what Hawaii and Hawaiian people looked like or engaged in. Regardless, these innocent depictions live on in our antique tropical prints from Hawaii.

Pau Hana

posted 2014 Feb by Rudolf Helder

Pau hana means "work done" and then it's time to sit around, grab a beer, some pupus, and shoot the breeze. For us at the old Vintage Sign Factory that means reminisce about what we do here: producing awesome vintage art.

What? If it's vintage, how come it's made new?

Good question. This is how: over the years we have collected many great Hawaiian images. When we were still part of a brick and mortar store in Hawaii we sold the nicely framed originals, but kept a high quality scan of every image. These scans have been color corrected to reflect the original color at the time of publishing, and at times edited to get rid of dirt, dust, tears, smudges, creases, etc. We can do that because of our experience with art restoration for a famous Dutch museum. The result is fresh looking vintage Hawaiian images, freshly minted on state-of-the-art printing equipment.

We used to sell our prints and posters via Macy's and other large retail stores in Hawaii, but floor space is at a premium and we can't compete with Calvin Klein or Casio G-Shock watches, so we took our business online and never looked back (distributing to multiple stores across several islands is labor-intensive and expensive).

So, check out our prints and posters for yourself. They'll look great on any wall, at home or at work, and bring a bit of old-timey atmosphere from the islands to you and yours.