We noticed that one of our customers bought one or more vintage Hawaiian art Prints from us just about every other week or so, and we reached out to him to learn a bit more about his motivation. Turns out, Scott is a writer with a successful career (and most importantly to us, wall space). So, here's in his own words:

"I've been a fan of collecting things––coins, sports cards, war memorabilia, classic rock records––ever since I was an early teenager. Something will trigger a deep interest in a certain subject, and I'll dive in. Lately, I've been into collecting posters and prints, the old, vintage kind. It's a fun hobby that includes a lot of antique store hopping, online searching and plenty of visits to the frame shop. Even more lately, I've taken a great deal of interest in Hawaii, nostalgic posters and prints of Hawaiian culture––the surfing, dancing, luaus and scenery. There's something about the way they look in my home. While my sports and music posters hang in my garage, A.K.A. "the man cave," I feel that the vintage Hawaii posters are more like art than a novelty.

What really makes Hawaiian nostalgia look good in my home are the muted colors. Yellows are more golden. Blues are deep rather than bright. Reds are dull rather than bright and shiny like cherry rock candy. Also, the figures or characters found in Hawaiian prints are stylized, giving them a feeling of ancient cave art. My home is somewhat dull with neutral-toned carpet and paint, so my posters and prints are perfect accents to make each room feel alive.

So far, I have a collection of several vintage prints of Hawaiian traveling ads, festival event posters, advertorials of Hawaiian products like fruits and beverages, along with a few magazine covers. My favorites are the "art" posters, which, for my taste, are mostly paintings or aquatints by American painter and printmaker, John Kelley. His figure renderings of Hawaiian women are outstanding and very remanicent of folk painters like Paul Gauguin." ~ Scott

Well, thank you Scott, we couldn't have said it better! If you're done working for others you can come work for us!